Stormy Weather

01 Jun 2008

Edwina Thorne is writing a book profiling women’s experiences in and contributions to, the traditions and culture of jazz in the early twentieth century. Bristling with wit and cleverly packaged information, the concert, Stormy Weather traces the impact of women on the development of jazz, bringing to life a subculture that is as much a part of jazz as the music itself. Of interest to music students, people looking for an entertaining night out and jazz buffs alike, we profile the careers of prominent female, American jazz musicians and singers. More often than not, these were women who walked in the shadows of male musicians and managers. Until now, their stories have been largely footnotes in (male) musical history. By way of contrast, Stormy Weather is rich in musical, historical and cultural anecdotes.  The works of;  Blossom Dearie, Ella Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker, Peggy Lee and other steamy, sizzling, exotic, hilarious and soulful classics will be performed. Their songs speak of tumultuous love lives, unrequited love, frustrations, compromises and disappointments of working in a male dominated industry known as: The Music Business. Backing Edwina Thorne is a group of highly competen Replique Montre
Replica Cartier Watches Ebay musicians. Stormy Weather recreates the club atmosphere of the forties – when male musicians were overseas, skies were dark and stormy, but the music played in the clubs of Harlem and New Orleans, led by a bunch of talented women who loved ‘All That Jazz’.